Nine medical reasons for putting on weight

If you experience the side effect of sweating lots while taking prednisone, you can try a few lifestyle measures to manage it. Looser clothing may help, along with experimenting with deodorants. Alternatively, speak with your healthcare professional who may be able to try a different medicine instead. Current scientific research has found that steroids not only reduce REM sleep but also increase intermittent wakefulness.

  • Hot flushes can happen if you have hormone deprivation therapy as a treatment for prostate cancer.
  • Long-term use of  corticosteroid tablets seems to increase appetite in some people, leading to weight gain.
  • It’s for people with long-term physical health conditions, who experience low mood or anxiety, or find it difficult to manage their condition.
  • Connect and share experiences with other people dealing with blood cancer.

Therefore drinking alcohol excessively while also taking prednisone may further increase the risk of osteoporosis. Research has found both alcohol and prednisone have the ability to irritate the digestive tract. For people prone to stomach issues or digestion, combining alcohol and prednisone could have unfortunate consequences.

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Our guide to planning and sharing how you want to be cared for in the future or at the end of your life. It covers having a conversation, how to record your wishes, and how advance care planning can help you and your loved ones. Information for people who have been in the emergency department (A&E) for pain from kidney stones (renal colic).

  • The information on this page is about steroids used in cancer treatment.
  • Symptoms of an infection include a change in temperature, aching muscles, headaches, feeling cold and shivery and generally unwell.
  • You can talk to your GP, practice nurse or respiratory team about what’s available in your area.

In one study of healthy men, being deprived of just two hours sleep caused them to crave sugar and eat more of it. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and take steps to remedy the situation if not. It’s important to eat well and maintain a healthy weight if you have sarcoidosis.


Many people are using a combination of steroids and HGH to get maximum results in the gym. You may experience increased metabolism, a gain in muscle mass and a decrease in body fat, and improved mood and cognitive function. This is not unusual – 54% of those aged over 65 in England are living with two or more long-term conditions. Depression is the most common condition among people with rheumatoid arthritis, affecting one in six people.

There are many types and strengths of painkillers available – some can be bought over the counter from a pharmacy, while some are only available on prescription. Each drug has an approved name – sometimes called a generic name. When the inflammation goes down, the capsule around the synovium remains stretched and can’t hold the joint in its proper position. This can cause the joint to become unstable and move into unusual positions.

A study by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) found that burgers, for example, have doubled in size since 1980. While sitting down, many of us consume calories we don’t need and find it too easy to snack on energy-dense foods such as crisps and chocolate. If you smoke, the best thing you can do to look after your health is to quit. If your sarcoidosis is getting worse quickly, you may need to take steroids directly into your veins through an IV drip, but this is rare.

Signs of malnutrition and how to make sure you get the nutrients you need, including what you can do if you’re at higher risk. This information explains what happens, and what you should do, if the contrast dye injection you had for an MRI or CT scan leaks under your skin. A colonoscopy is a routine test to examine the lining of your bowel, also called the large intestine or colon. You might need bone graft surgery before having dental implants.

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The action of the injected steroids we use is between 8-14 days (Stephens et al., 2008). The other type of steroid injections you may have heard of are anabolic steroids, often used by bodybuilders. Anabolic steroids are completely different to the steroid injections we carry out at Complete and have different negative side effects. Often the person is not aware of this increased pressure, as there are no early symptoms.

Living with rheumatoid arthritis

That’ll be until more people are vaccinated and the number of cases of coronavirus drops a lot more. Coronavirus has made everyone more careful about washing their hands and keeping their distance, and staying away from everyone if they have any symptoms. This is a good thing, as it lowers your risk from infections in general, not just coronavirus.