Secure Document Pro is a web webpage that allows customers to send and receive papers securely. It offers the option to send up to five files at a time. The program works on many computer systems and is compatible with Chrome and Google Chrome. It offers protected document tranny and back-up. Additionally, it allows users to access and send the information at anytime.

When a recipient accesses a file, they are going to receive a notice by email. This warning announcement will appear in bold font in the recipient’s inbox main grid. Unopened data files will also appear in bold font. You can personalize the text of these text messages in the Personal preferences. You can also place the regularity of these simple guidelines.

Secure Document Pro allows clients to change files with tax preparers in an encrypted environment. Which means that clients can easily send private tax docs with the reliability they need to steer clear of info theft. Clientele can publish up to 500MB of files, but the system does not allow audio or perhaps video files. Secure Document Pro is compatible with the majority of browsers and computers.

Secure File Exchange is also appropriate for most file types, despite the fact that it excludes. exe,. msi, and. such as the files. The program as well supports several browsers and includes a time-out limit of 24 hours. Which means that you don’t have to stress about your files getting lost in transit. The process of showing documents could be automated with Secure Document Pro.